Why Classical Christian education?

Why Classical Christian education?

“The purpose of Classical Christian education is the cultivation of the soul, the liberation of the mind & the development of grateful service.”


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“Classical Christian education is an educational category that establishes a biblical worldview by incorporating ancient methods of student development. These include the cultivation of the 7 Christian virtues, developing student reasoning through the Trivium methodology (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric), and interacting with the historical Great Books”.

Students are taught to love whatever is true, good and beautiful, and to appreciate the greatness of God.
Biblical standards of conduct are applied in all areas of school life, acknowledging that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

We promote learning that is Christ centred, but not isolated from the world and the culture around us. Ultimately, this approach led to the position Christianity once had in culture.

All subjects are based on the principle that God is the Creator of all that exists, and therefore all knowledge is interrelated and points back to Him.

Classical Christian schools use the children’s God-given strengths at each stage of growth to help them learn. No form of education can compare to the success seen within Classical Christian Schools.

Classical Christian education takes advantage of the natural inclinations of children at different stages of their development to maximise learning. It incorporates a three-fold approach to learning trivium, which is Latin for “where three roads meet” and lays out three stages of learning: Grammar, Logic (dialectic) and Rhetoric.

Teaching according to their God-given tendencies proves to be incredibly effective, not to mention that it trains children to learn for themselves and become life-long learners.

Why Classical Christian Education?

Classical Christian schools teach all subjects based on the principle that God is the creator of all that exists, and therefore all knowledge is integrated and points back to Him. We teach many skills and habits as they form in students during their school years.

The result is a graduate who knows what they believe and why, and can positively impact the community around them. We train students in the art of reason and argument through dialog.

We challenge ideas and work from the greatest literary sources. In this, we train students to submit to, internalise, harmonise, align with, and accept God’s truth—not individual, subjective ‘truths’. This is more than adding a bible verse to the curriculum. When every facet of History, Science, Math, Philosophy, Art, and other subjects is integrated around the truth of the Christian worldview, students gain a unique and important perspective.

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