Coram Deo Micro-School (Canning Vale)

Coram Deo Micro-School (Canning Vale)

“Education should not be a matter of cutting jungles, but irrigating deserts.” C. S. Lewis

Coram Deo (Canning Vale) is an alternative academically vigorous Micro-School for parents seeking quality education in Perth, WA.

As a community of educators, our mission is to provide an adequate, loving and Christ-centred environment where learning is integrated and matched to the children’s God-given strengths at each stage of their growth. For that, we use the Classical Christian education approach.

For us, God is not simply the starting place for wisdom; He is Wisdom; He is Truth himself. Through the very person of Christ, we pursue knowledge in order to image Him and express Him in every aspect of our lives, including academically. 

The curriculum is derived from current Classical Christian sources and tailored to suit Australian students.

    While history is the backbone of Classical education, no core subject is neglected in this model. The integrated learning model includes Art, Bible, Geography, Grammar & English, History, Languages (Latin & Spanish), Linguistics, Literature, Logic, Singapore Math, Reading, Rhetoric and Science.

“Not that we take over society…but simply that we bring Christian truth into every area of life—salt, light—and teach people to think Christianly. Which is why I so applaud [Classical Christian Education] because you’re doing that… I know exactly what you are teaching these kids. It is absolutely wonderful because you are teaching them how to think and you are giving them character because they are Christians, the two things that are so essential. The development of character and the ability to reason and think.”

Chuck Colson

We believe that childhood is to be shaped and modelled by wise, loving, Christian adults who see little people as image-bearers of a tremendous God who is the beginning of all knowledge.

Coram Deo Micro-School would love to receive you and your family for a visit.

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