About us

About us

CCEP seeks to instil in the educational community that it cultivates, eternal love of learning, a commitment to serving others and dedication in the pursuit of religious truth, moral goodness and beauty, forged from historical models of orthodox Christianity.

Our ultimate mission is the cultivation of students as worshipers of the only true God.

CCEP Inc is a non-profit association that seeks to provide an alternative academic outlet for parents looking for quality Christian education in Perth, WA. We desire to work with churches all over the city, to establish Micro-Schools, K-12, using classical Christian curriculum.

Our Story

Where in Perth were there schools that taught students to pursue academic vigour and a deeper relationship with God whilst pursuing knowledge?

This question started me on a new journey. 

As I went around asking these questions, I found Classical Christian Education, or was it Classical Christian Education that found me?

My name is Sheela Nathan, and I hope you enjoy knowing a little bit of our story.

Education has been important in my family for a few generations.

My parents taught me that “education is great for this life, but the knowledge of God was good for this life and the next.”

Pursuing further studies has given me the opportunity to get clear in my head what I believed about education, as well as answering a question that has bothered me for a long time. I noticed that when I visited my children or any other child in Kindy or Pre-primary, there was so much enthusiasm for learning.  

But by the time they came to me in high school, why were they disengaged and bored.  What happened to that love of learning?

Classical Christian education Perth inc was born in this context. In 2020, we opened our pilot project in Gosnells in Western Australia.

We have so much to be thankful for.

God has graciously been providing for us in every need. That is why we have a heart full of gratitude and excitement to continue the good work God has prepared and entrusted us with. 

This journey has brought many people working together and so we…

Pray as though everything depended on God; and act as though everything depended on each of us”.

Now, in the suburb of Canning Vale, Coram Deo Micro-School is well equipped to offer a viable alternative for parents to consider for their children.

We would like to invite you, our Christian community, to join us in prayer, asking for His provision, so this mission will bear much fruit in the lives of our children, families and staff.